Cutting Boards - Thin Style (Personalized)

Cutting Boards - Thin Style (Personalized)

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Do you have limited counter area and storage in your kitchen? Maybe you have ample room, but you need a lightweight cutting board to use as you move about in your cooking space? Look no further! A new style high quality cutting board from Elkwood Arts is here! These boards are thinner at 3/4" thick, with steamed cherry/maple hardwood stripes and two thin walnut stripes.

These cutting boards are completely handcrafted. A coat of mineral oil is hand rubbed into the wood, which only enhances their beauty and for protection. Using one side to cut meat? Flip it over to cut your vegetables - since both sides are usable!

Choose from two different sizes. The large size measures 20"L x 13.25"W.
The medium size measures 16.25"L x 10.5"W.

Choose one of the personalized engraving styles pictured by using the code assigned to the picture. You will be prompted to fill out a form when adding to cart. Please fill out the form according to your chosen design.

Did you know that wooden cutting boards have anti-microbial properties? Read more about them here

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